facilities gallery

The school has a well equipped kitchen, manned by well trained staff that serves breakfast and lunch meals to the pupils.

The School Kitchen is open from 8.00am until the end of the school day. 

Students should be there only for a scheduled time and will not be served during class time or during the change of periods.


Our morning break (for all children) is from 10.00 - 10.30am. And the school serves them a healthy meal of porridge. The children are encouraged to snack on fresh fruit or vegetables if they are to carry their own snacks. We actively discourage sweets and chocolate as part of our responsibility to fitter, healthier children. 


The school serves a lunch meal of posho and beans, a diet rich in Proteins and carbohydrates. However students are allowed to pack their own lunch if they can but the school advises that the food is packed properly so the student doesn't consume spoiled food.