Managing Director

Rajiv has a strong belief in Practical learning through his own experiences, he has driven management and staff at a Kampala Parents' School to develop he teaching culture that is not necessarily about 'teacher to student', but leaning towards a 'student to teacher' approach.

By empowering student to ask, challenge and to be inquisitive, it affords them the opportunity to think for themselves and find quick solutions to some of the complexities that they will face in their future years.

 A graduate of the financial Management, Rajiv started his own business at the age of 17 and as one of the directors, continues to manage several businesses. Educated in UK, Rajiv believes he can effect change by boosting th efforts of his compatriots whether through charity or job creation. Apart from being the managing director of Kampala Parents'  School, Rajiv is also in charge of the general welfare department of he Ruparelia Foundation, which works to improve and promote health, education, sports and general welfare.

With such dynamism, enthusiasm and drive, it's Rajiv's desire that all those who walk through the gates of Kampala parents' school, walkout  years later as mature and all rounded students who are ready to face and take on the challenges of the world.


Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia

Managing Director